imageLove, security, happiness and health are the main  human conditions that I think most would agree are the most sought after. I have always been in awe of the ways in which God has bestowed his blessings in my life. I sometimes feel unworthy of the embarresment of riches I possess in the loving relationships I have with an unbeleivably functional and happy family, financial and physical security, and a general happiness and love for life. For sure, I have had much to be thankful for.

However, there is one of these main conditions that I have ever felt was not quite fulfilled. I have struggled with an invisible disease that brought me severe pain, disability, and despair. I think the worst of these is despair. It’s the anxiety of going to bed not knowing if tomorrow would be ruined by another migraine. It’s waking the next day to a dull ache around my eyes and realizing that the day will in fact be ruined by a growing pain that forces me to guess what the best treatment might be. Should I try Excedrin Migraine and hope that it somehow does the trick this time? Every once in a while the migraine doesn’t get too awful, so should I just tough it out and see if it goes away? Or should I just bite the bullet and take a prescription triptan that takes the pain away in my head, but leaves me among the walking dead?

I really hate to be so melodramatic about it, because I really hate obsessing over negative things or those things that cannot be changed. The only reason I mention it is to accurately paint a picture of how my health has improved since going on the ketogenic diet. It has now been eight weeks since I have been forced to take a “toxic” triptan. It has been four weeks since I have experienced a headache that was at all bothersome. Admittedly, I was a little worried that I was jinxing myself when I started writing about this and I would soon go back to the daily anxiety. If anything, the opposite has happened.

I am overjoyed every day that I wake up without a migraine and am overwhelmed with thankfulness for each passing week that I remain migraine free. Is this the cure that I’ve prayed for? Honestly, the jury is still out and only time will tell. In the meantime I’ll add one more thing to my long list  of blessings to give thanks for this holiday season.